Monday, July 7, 2008

The Well Read Witch

Happy belated Independence Day, America!

I’m a few days late with my Book-A-Month challenge entry for June. This month’s theme was knowledge – what book doesn’t provide you with some kind of knowledge either by giving facts like in non-fiction or through insight into the human condition like fiction? I read four novels this past month, though three of these were repeats and then one non-fiction book. I don’t read much non-fiction, at least not all the way through. I find it just doesn’t hold my attention. However, in June I picked up The Well Read Witch, a bibliography of essential books for pagans in general.

The conversational style made this an easy read. The author Carl McColman shares his choices for the most important books in the field of pagan spirituality as well as gives a very short overview of what paganism is in general. His list flows from suggestions for beginners and the curious to advanced topics and community involvement. McColman advises anyone interested in pagan spirituality, specifically the Wiccan religion to find a mentor, someone who can show and instruct you in the rituals and traditions of your path; but he’s quick to point out that books are excellent places to start your journey and provide insight along the way. The Well Read Witch is a good book, easy to follow, easy to skip around and skim the titles & annotations, and an excellent guide to building up a pagan book collection either for personal use or for libraries.

July's theme for the Book-A-Month Challenge is Independence. I'm finally going to tackle George Orwell's 1984 and hopefully Lois Lowery's The Giver as well. Reviews will be up once I'm finished with the books!