Monday, September 15, 2008

Ink Exchange

Ink Exchange picks up a few months after Wicked Lovely. The new peace between the Summer and Winter Courts has brought a stability to faerie society that doesn’t sit too well with the Dark court. Dark Fae thrive on violence and emotion but it’s no longer easy to feed off their fellow Fae. The Ink Exchange is the solution Irial, the king of the Dark Court uses to save his subjects from death. It isn’t perfect and he’s aware of that, but the only other choice is all out war with the three other faerie courts. The only thing is he didn’t expect to actually care for the human that receives his mark. Nor did he expect how much she would change under his influence.

Melissa Marr pulls the reader into an incredible tale of politics, fantasy, friendship and even a bit of romance. The characters get additional depth that really rounds them out and shows their flaws as well as their strengths. YA Urban Fantasy at it’s best.